GEO Summit 2021

Unique, Innovative, and Global Strategies for Good Health and Well-being

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Unique, Innovative, and Global Strategies for Good Health and Well-being

TCS Community & Global Engagement invites you to join our second annual GEO Summit:

Unique, Innovative, and Global Strategies for Good Health and Well-being.

Anchored on the United Nations Sustainable Goal #3, this full-day virtual summit includes sessions led by experts across the globe, a live training, a lecture held in Spanish, presentations to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Consulate of Mexico, and awards to community leaders in local & global engagement.

The GEO Summit is free to all members of our global community.

Join us for one session or the entire summit on April 15, 2021!



Session 1: GEO Summit Kick-Off

Presented by TCS Community & Global Engagement

Join participants from around the world to kick-off our second annual Global Engagement Online Summit. With welcome remarks from TCS Leadership, as well as the awarding of our first TCS Community & Global Engagement awards, this kick-off session will launch all attendees into an engaging day of virtual, global engagement.

7:00AM Pacific / 9:00AM Central / 4:00PM SAST & CEST - Zoom Link

Session 2: Manifesting Good Health & Well-being: Presentations to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Presented by Education Beyond Borders 2020 Participants

Over 60 participants from across the globe participated in Education Beyond Borders 2020 anchored upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health & Well-being. Participants worked in group pods to develop manifestos committing to the advancement of SDG 3. Four student groups have been selected to present their manifestos during the GEO Summit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, of which TCS Education System is now proud to be a part.

7:30AM Pacific / 9:30AM Central / 4:30PM SAST & CEST - Zoom Link

Session 3: Emotional Support Empowers the Young and Old: Two South African organisations share their methodologies

Presented by John Gilmour, LEAP and Sihle Mooi & Bertha Maringi, Rays of Hope, South Africa

This session is honored to host the senior management of two anchor partners in South Africa – the LEAP School of Science and Maths in Cape Town, and Rays of Hope in Johannesburg. Join us to hear how their specific programs have been developed to emotionally support the vulnerable in their communities, that they may function and eventually flourish. 

8:30AM Pacific / 10:30AM Central / 5:30PM SAST & CEST - Zoom Link

Session 4: Music Medicine & Therapy for Good Health & Well-being

Presented by Gerhard Tucek, IMC Krems, Austria

Join Dr. Tucek for a lecture on the interplay of sound and music, musical impact, and cultural background in connection with individual musical biographies. Based on this, a distinction will be made between music as an instrument of self-regulation and music therapy as a therapeutic relationship structured by the means of music. As it is the goal to work in research as close as possible to real clinical practice, Dr. Tucek will show how the laboratory is brought to the patients and not the patients to the lab.

9:30AM Pacific / 11:30AM Central / 6:30PM SAST & CEST - Zoom Link

Session 5: Diseñar para resistir desde la intemperie: habitar la contingencia

*This session will be held in Spanish

Presentado por Dr. Jorge Francisco Sánchez-Jofras, CETYS Universidad

La percepción de inseguridad en las colonias urbano marginadas de Tijuana, incluye sentirse expuesto en el transporte y la vía pública, como el riesgo de inundación sobre todo en zonas con viviendas informales. Habitar expuesto a la contingencia es un problema de carácter social, más que medioambiental; esta situación se agrava con la afluencia de migrantes y deportados sin medios para integrarse al mercado de vivienda, quienes terminan improvisando viviendas en espacios residuales. La deriva de estas poblaciones expone la ausencia de un diseño o política institucional que reconozca dicha problemática y actúe de manera integral; en su lugar organizaciones sociales –con y sin ayuda del Estado- diseñan acciones junto a las poblaciones que atienden a la vez que construyen espacios de resistencia y dignidad humana.

10:30AM Pacific / 12:30PM Central / 7:30PM SAST & CEST - Zoom Link

Session 6: Live Training

Resilient Nutrition: Optimizing Immunity & Well-being during a Global Pandemic

Presented by Lori Taylor, Saybrook University

In addition to reducing exposure, optimizing our body's immune response is key to preventing viral infection, responding to vaccination and to minimizing the severity of viral infection. What we eat and which supplements we take can make the difference as to how effectively we respond to all viruses, especially a novel virus like Covid 19. If you've ever wondered what more you could to increase your resistance to infection, this webinar is for you. I will share evidence-based information on the diet and supplements that keep your immune system resilient, beginning with the most accessible practices.

11:30AM Pacific / 1:30PM Central / 8:30PM SAST & CEST - Zoom Link

Session 7: From Surviving to Thriving - Virtual Community Service in 2021

Presented by TCS Staff Global Distinction Cohort

The TCS staff global distinction inaugural cohort is comprised of globally minded staff members at TCS affiliate universities and system offices. The cohort has been working with Ventanilla de Salud, a healthcare branch of the Mexican Consulate in the United States, to provide a comprehensive improvement plan to better strategic planning, evaluations, volunteer management and marketing at the organization. Join the session to see an overview of group’s virtual service project that will support Spanish speaking immigrants throughout the United States.

1:00PM Pacific / 3:00PM Central / 10:00PM SAST & CEST - Zoom Link

Session 8: GEO Faculty Forum - Special Session for TCS Community Faculty Members

Presented by TCS Community & Global Engagement

All Faculty from the TCS Community (Saybrook University, Pacific Oaks College, The Colleges of Law, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and Kansas Health Science Center) are invited to join the GEO Faculty Forum. The GEO Faculty Forum is an opportunity for faculty to discuss international research interests, connections, proposal ideas, and more.

2:00PM Pacific / 4:00PM Central / 5:00PM Eastern - Zoom Link

GEO Digital Badge

TCS Community & Global Engagement provides opportunities to explore concepts within a global and/or community context. The GEO Summit includes sessions that apply theoretical, professional and practical knowledge related to preparing innovative, engaged, and purposeful agents of change to serve a global community.

Participants of the GEO Summit have the opportunity to earn the Global Engagement Online Summit 2021 Digital Badge by attending 4 or more sessions. Participants can attend any 4 sessions during the GEO Summit to earn the digital badge.


Education Beyond Borders 2020 Cohort

Student Presentations

Join us as our Education Beyond Borders 2020 cohort presents to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network! The selected students will present a manifesto project completed during the Fall 2020 Education Beyond Borders course, anchored on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health & Well-being. 4 student groups will present their manifestos, highlighting their commitment to advancing SDG 3 towards the 2030 agenda.

Student Presenters:

  • Alexandria Maldonaldo, Saybrook University
  • Jaimes McNeal, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Derek Galanto, Saybrook University
  • Daniella Graves, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Nicole Kopal, IMC Krems
  • Denisse Salinas, CETYS Universidad
  • Ana Patrica Munoz, CETYS Universidad
  • Sophie Weigel, SRH
  • Vickya Leslie, Saybrook University
  • Ivanna Montalban, CETYS Universidad
  • Sandra Calles, Saybrook University

Sihle Mooi

Executive Director
Rays of Hope

Sihle Mooi is the Executive Director of Rays of Hope, Rays of Hope is celebrating 30 years this year of serving the community of Alexandra in the areas of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, Education and Work Readiness.

Sihle was born and raised in Sowetoand has been involved in community development and leadership development work for 17 years. He completed a BA(law) at Wits University(Johannesburg), Bachelors in theology at George Whitefield College (Cape Town). He Completed the Cornhill Training Course (London), and Pastor in Residence Programme at Hope’s House (Los Angeles).

He speaks on topics such as Race in South Africa and Understanding Townships, and views himself as a bridge between diverse communities; the privileged and the poor, black and whites, townships and suburbs. This is what he does now at Rays of Hope, connecting Alexandra and Sandton.

Bertha Maringi

Orphaned & Vulnerable Children's Programme Manager
Rays of Hope

Bertha Maringi is the Orphaned and Vulnerable children’s programme manager for Rays of Hope an NPO celebrating 30 years of working in the community of Alexandra. Rays of Hope is a ministry arm of Rosebank Union Church.

Bertha completed a Diploma in Education (High School teaching) from the University of Zimbabwe and a Bachelor of Social Work Hons from the University of South Africa. She holds various certificates in counselling and Child Protection.

Bertha was born and grew up in a small town in Zimbabwe. She came to South Africa in 2008 at the peak of unrest and economic hardships in Zimbabwe. Together with her husband they lived at The Methodist Church for six months, a refugee camp that housed over five thousand Zimbabweans. The two survived on selling on the streets and at traffic lights on weekends because they didn’t have legal documents and also had no work.


Bertha became a domestic worker for a family who are members of Rosebank Union Church who became her family in SA and they helped Bertha find a teaching job with the Department of Education and later with Rays of Hope. Bertha joined the Child Headed Households programme as it was starting and helped launch the teenage girls support group which has grown over the years and has empowered so many young girls in Alexandra.


Bertha has been invited to speak at various women’s and family conferences on topics such as Child protection, parenting today’s teenagers and marriage.

John Gilmour

Founder & Executive Director
LEAP Science & Maths Schools

John Gilmour is the Founder and current Executive Director of the LEAP Science and Maths Schools, and co-founder of the BRIDGE and the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition. John attended Wynberg Boys High School and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Cape Town. 

In collaboration with other leaders in Education, John co-founded The South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition which represents a collection of intervention-based independent and public schools and organisations committed to transforming the lives of socio-economically vulnerable children. 

John serves on the Teach with Africa, Global Teachers Institute (Chairperson) and REALISTIC Boards and is an active participant on the Advisory Committee to the Historic Schools Restoration Project. 

Gerhard Tucek

Head of the Institute of Therapeutic Sciences & Midwifery Sciences
IMC University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Gerhard Tucek is head of the “Institute of Therapeutic Sciences and Midwifery Sciences,” co-head of the department of health sciences, and director of the “Josef Ressel Center – Horizons of personalized music therapy” at the IMC University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria. Gerhard’s main areas of research include establishing a scientifically based training on music therapy that is as close as possible to real world settings in clinical practice. Furthermore, Gerhard focused on integrating cultural and personal factors in clinical practice & research of music therapy. The main focus of his clinical practice as a music therapist was in the field of neurorehabilitation, pediatric oncology, and intensive care. Throughout his career, Gerhard has a host of research achievements, peer reviewed publications, and book contributions. 

Jorge Francisco Sánchez-Jofras

Coordinator of the Center of Excellence in Human and Social Development (CEDHS)
CETYS Universidad

Jorge Francisco Sánchez (Jofras) es artista visual y doctor en ciencias sociales. Profesor universitario del Colegio de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades en el Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior, campus Tijuana. Sus líneas de investigación son procesos socioculturales, zonas urbanas, fronteras, espacio público y participación política; estos temas también son abordados en su práctica artística, en la que colabora con estudiantes, comunidades y otros profesionales en la producción de diseños y narrativas audiovisuales que abordan cuestiones sociales y ambientales, así como los usos del espacio y las imágenes. Actualmente estudia la organización de colectivos culturales y movimientos ciudadanos que abordan problemáticas de seguridad y vida cotidiana en la frontera México-Estados Unidos, a través de la creación y el pensamiento crítico.

Jofras is a visual artist with a master's degree in cultural studies and a Ph.D. in social science. He is a university professor based in the College of Social Science and Humanities at CETYS Universidad, campus Tijuana, Mexico. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate students about the nexus of social practice and research. In this capacity, he contributes as coordinator of the Center of Excellence in Human and Social Development. He collaborates with youth groups, communities, and other professionals to discuss social and environmental issues. He approaches these topics through documentary film and photography, graphic art, and design. Following this line of work, he studies the organization of art collectives and citizen movements that address public safety and quality of life in the US-Mexican border.

Lori Taylor

Chair, Department of Integrative and Functional Nutrition, College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences
Saybrook University

Lori Taylor is a clinical dietitian with 25 years of experience in patient care, practitioner education, and health care consulting. Lori's first lab job in college was for the Linus Pauling Institute, which sparked her interest in nutrition. She trained as a biochemist at UC Berkeley in the lab of folate researcher Dr Jesse C Rabinowitz, and later worked as a molecular biologist. Lori then earned master's degrees in education from Stanford University and in nutrition from Bastyr University, becoming one of the first dietitians trained in a natural medicine paradigm. Lori is has specialized training in oncology and functional digestive disorders through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is trained in sustainable agriculture, holds a Permaculture Design Certificate from the prestigious Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA, and is a graduate of their Ecology of Leadership program. In addition, Lori is a small-scale beekeeper and shepherds a burgeoning urban food forest at her home in Coupeville, on Whidbey Island, in Washington State. In addition to her consulting practice, Save Your Plate, Lori chairs the graduate program in Integrative and Functional Medicine at Saybrook University and has taught nutrition to the naturopathic medical students at Bastyr University. She is a founding member of Coupeville's Farm to School program.

Lori is also a PhD student, currently working on a review paper and a book on autoimmune gastritis, the precursor condition to pernicious anemia, and is a subject matter expert on B12, folate, methylation and systems biology.

TCS Staff Global Distinction Cohort

Round out the day with our TCS Staff Global Distinction cohort's final presentation to Ventanilla de Salud, an arm of the Consulate of Mexico. The inaugural TCS Global Distinction cohort has spent the past year working on a virtual community service project for Ventanilla de Salud, with 4 specific groups and areas of expertise including Evaluation, Volunteerism, Service, and Strategy. This one hour presentation will showcase the work of the cohort with a special highlight on the work of Ventanilla de Salud and a commitment to continual partnership.

TCS Staff Global Distinction Cohort Presenters:

·      Bano Razaq, Financial Aid Advisor, TCS System Office

·      Cassandra Peel, Program Director/Administrative Faculty, Pacific Oaks College

·      Chelsie Petrowske, Associate Director, Human Resources, TCS System Office

·      Danielle Bohrer, Manager of the Office of Continuing Education, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

·      Danielle McNary, Marketing Communications Coordinator, TCS System Office

·      David Pastor Jr, Program Manager, Pacific Oaks College

·      Hasani Gorden, Director of Admissions and Outreach, Saybrook University

·      Justin Lopez, Assistant Director of Admissions, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

·      Kylana Garrison- Reid, Senior Project Manager, TCS System Office

·      Lagrange "Val" Smith, Executive Assistant, Saybrook University

·      Laura Brewer, Director of Research and IRB, Saybrook University

·      Lisa Bain, Executive Assistant, TCS System Office

·      Maribel Garcia, Sr. Student Accounts Advisor, TCS System Office

·      Mary Berberian- Nalbandian, Senior Academic Advisor, Pacific Oaks College

·      Michele Kotte, Regional Enrollment Trainer, TCS System Office

·      Mike Fitz, Associate University Registrar , The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

·      Ray Bailey, Director of Online Programs, Saybrook University

·      Shannon Stark, Admissions Counselor, Colleges of Law

·      Taylor Molandro, Marketing Account Coordinator, TCS System Office

·      Thomas Henry, Institutional Research Analyst, TCS System Office

·      Tracy Lynn Deis, Senior Instructional Designer, TCS System Office

·      Victoria Martinez, Senior Admissions Counselor, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

TCS Community & Global Engagement Awards

Do you know someone going above & beyond to make a positive impact their local and/or global community?

TCS Community & Global Engagement wants to honor them!

Nominate the outstanding student, faculty, and/or staff for a TCS Community & Global Engagement Award!

Find out more & submit your nomination here!


Who is invited to participate in the GEO Summit?

All students, faculty, staff, international partners, members, and friends of the TCS community are invited to participate in the GEO Summit.

I can't attend all of the sessions, but I'd like to attend 1 or 2. Should I still register?

Absolutely! Everyone is invited to attend as few or as many sessions as they wish / are available.

How do I login to a session?

All registered participants will be receive an email with all GEO Summit session login links. All sessions will be held via Zoom.

I'm unavailable at the time of a session I'd like to attend. Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! All recorded sessions will be emailed out after the summit.

How do I earn the GEO Summit Digital Badge?

Participants can earn the digital badge by attending 4 or more live sessions during the GEO Summit on April 15, 2021.